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Nutrition Guidelines for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We shall look at PCOS and what it means, and how proper balanced nutrition can manage this common condition among women of all ages.

Nutrition For The Elderly

The main agenda of this talk would be surrounding the needs to the elderly,to understand the specific challenges the elderly have.

Video Series

Importance of Nutrition in Children

Part 1 | My focus for this talk would be mostly for children when they are born and until they are 5 years old, which IMHO is the most important phase of anybody’s life and the attention should be towards good #nutrition.

Importance of Nutrition in Children

Part 2 | Continued on the same topic from Part 1, More on the importance of breast milk and how eventually introducing to other foods slowly and steadily..

Importance of Nutrition in Children

Part – 3 | Continuation from Part 2, Setting the right expectations and more on scheduling.

Other Videos

Happy International Women’s Day

8th March – Wish you all a very Happy International Women’s Day

Healthy Foods for Everyday

Expertise in Weight Management, Metabolic Disease Management. Clinical and Preventive Nutrition Counselling.

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