Ageing at 53 plus gave me a lot of health problems with Fatty liver grade 3 and osteopenia with high fracture risk! The medications given to me were not helping me solve my health problems, the rising acidity with medications and chronic fatigue were making me miserable!

My daughter Samriddhi got me to consult Dr. Zubeda a Clinical Dietitian; the complete assessment blood , ultrasound and Dexa scan with nutrition assessment showed the degeneration I was suffering silently. This happened at the right time ; was surprised to see diabetes, high triglycerides – bad cholesterol , Vit D and Calcium deficiency which were causing me back pain and weakness with chronic fatigue! High blood pressure and chronic constipation were part of my regular complaints.

A diet plan for wholistic health was put to action; my family supported me and in three months-I am very happy to share that within 3months I have Lost 10 kg of weight with fat loss , the fatty liver has reduced to grade 1 (from 3) ,blood sugars have reduced to pre-diabetic levels . My bone health is better with improved Vit D3 and calcium levels.

I am more convinced that a good lifestyle with healthy food choices and a good sleep wake cycle with regular yoga and walks can get you a healthy transformation that can make your life at 50 plus a life of happiness and independence!

I am happy to recommend Dr Zubeda for her clinically sound healthy diet plans and positive counselling approach !