Life as a senior teacher was challenging but little did I realize that my body was taking the toll of convenient foods to save on time, I rarely paid attention to my body’s need for exercise and rest.

At 49 yrs I developed blood pressure, cholesterol and then at 55 diabetes too showed its menacing presence! With the last 2 years of the pandemic, I went into depression at the way I felt and looked!

At age 60 I began the healthy food choices journey with Dr. Zubeda Tumbi and now in 3 months I have reduced 5kg of body fat (6 kg weight loss ), with HbA1C reduced from 8 to 5.9! Other positive benefits are a positive mindset, normal blood pressure and better liver status. I now walk for 1-11/2 hrs and feel that life can be more fruitful if we start looking inwards and get the right mentoring to reverse the aging and metabolic imbalance!