I have lost 15 kilos in 60 days.
I started seeing the results in very first week. My hyperacidity issues have come under control,
Dr. Zubeda Tumbi uses a holistic approach with zero medicines. I was basically starving myself to lose weight before and Doctor came to my rescue. Now I realise that dieting doesn’t necessarily need to starve yourself.
She offers a diet that has variety of options in terms of food and recipes. Her YouTube channel has been very helpful in performing different kind of recipes on daily basis .Initially the diet can feel a little overwhelming, however few weeks into the diet things gets more streamlined. Doctor gives each patient enough time to layout the diet plan, understand their lifestyle, likes and dislikes. She is active and solves all our diet related queries. She focuses on each and every minute details in terms of diet plan. And when it comes to giving diet consultation Dr Zubeda Tumbi is indeed the best. After following her diet I feel more energetic, active and my sleep cycle has improved.