I wish to share my 5 months Health journey with Dr. Zubeda Tumbi(Clinical Dietitian) who has been consistent, amazing and disciplined. I was suffering from a lot of health issues like PCOD, anemia, Obesity, Thyroid , Constipation and Acne. I was suffering from anemia since my teenage years and I had never imagined that my haemoglobin levels would ever increase and would I ever be experiencing a Clear skin. After following Dr Zubeda Tumbi diet plan with easy, quick and healthy recipes I was able to treat my health conditions with balanced hormonal status, low thyroid levels, good vitamin B12 and Vitamin D status. I have managed to lose 15kgs in a span of 5 months, and have managed to bring my acne under control. I recommend Dr Zubeda Tumbi, a clinical dietitian to all the young girls who are suffering from hormonal issues, acne etc.