Diabetes struck me at the age of 35 at the start of pandemic and I lost 15 kg of weight . I experienced extreme muscle loss and weakness! The medicines and insulin treatments were affecting my gut and I had constipation too. The constant high blood sugar levels affected my personal and professional life!

My health problems were on the rise with anxiety about my health. My office colleague

Mr Deepak Luthra  got the referral of  Dr. Zubeda Tumbi a Clinical Dietitian who evaluated my file of investigations and planned a Diet for holistic health management. Dr.Zubeda Tumbi nutrition and Clinical assessment showed me to have sluggish thyroid with liver issues apart from deficiencies.

Just 7 weeks of her diet therapy based on a holistic blend of Millets and good proteins with recipe guidelines on her YouTube channel helped me lower blood sugar levels and a happy gut!

I have gained 5.5 kg in the last 2 months.  My mean HbA1c levels dropped from 11.6 to 7.7. Now I feel confident and comfortable with my health progress! The Diabetologist has reduced the diabetes medications with the decrease in blood sugars.

Happy to be nutrition empowered to control the rising blood sugar and chronic fatigue.