Life after Menopause at 49 became an invitation to lot of health problems.. Currently at age at 57 i had health issues like Fatty liver, high blood pressure, Hernia, high cholesterol. I had resigned to the the fact this was my fate as of many of my friends after menopause!
My Gym trainer Shailesh Kundra reffered me to Dr. Zubeda Tumbi ; a clinical Dietitian and in a span of 3 months with her Nutrition counseling I have i lost 5kgs weight as fat loss and a 5 inch loss on my waistline .This has helped me in reversing Fatty liver, normalised blood pressure, normalised cholesterol levels. Now I have a stronger bone status and a better muscle mass. Dr Zubeda has also taught me yoga and freehand exercise through which I feel much more active and energetic.My perspective towards Life has become more positive and I would like to convey this message to all the 50+ women that medicines are mostly addictive ; making you dependant and that wont help in reversing the Disease state.
Nutrition on the other hand is safer and helps in lowering the medicine dosage; helps to improve your wellness status. Start on healthy food changes Do Connect with a qualified Dietitian!