I was following a lifestyle which was taking a toll on my health.

At the age of 27, I was diagnosed with Obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, Gout, Fatty Liver & PCOD.

My dietary patterns of consuming fast food items made my health condition more severe.

But as the saying goes, “Inspiration is a true blessing in disguise”. After being inspired by the health journey of my friend who was referred to Dr. Zubeda Tumbi for a Holistic Diet approach it was a high time that I took the decision to follow a healthy lifestyle. In span of 2 weeks it was indeed a true victory over Obesity & metabolic syndrome.  I am 10Kgs down in 10 weeks with reversal of Diabetes with mean blood sugar from 8.5- 6.3 , better liver function, controlled cholesterol levels, and  my menstrual cycles are back on track. I have learned to eat healthy foods in a delicious manner and my desire to eat fast food consumption is long gone now which is a true victory in itself. Overall my fitness quotient has also improved a lot due to which I was able to perform a 15 Km trek after following a healthy & sustainable diet .I would like to spread a message to all the youngsters that Nothing is Impossible & You Can Win over your battles to be the Best version of yourself.