September 6, 2021

Emerging Concepts in Vitamin D

It was a privilege to talk on ‘Emerging Concepts in Vitamin D Supplementation Relevance in Clinical Practice’ with Dr. Anandita Chakraborty as ‘Chair’ at the 50th Annual Conference of Indian Dietetic Association (50th IDA CON 2017) organised by the Indian Dietetic Association,Bengal Chapter at Science City, Kolkata.

Message for masses:

Vitamin D – The sunshine vitamin lesser availability is due to Urbanization and Minimal exposure to sun. Rampant Vitamin D deficiency– level less than 30 mg/ml.

Low Vitamin D linked to Poor Bone Health, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Imbalance, Insulin Resistance – Metabolic Syndrome, Poor Sleep and Cognition. Positive Clinical Observation in our study showed Better Bone Health – reduced Bone and Muscle Pain, Better Weight Management, lesser dependence on drugs with more energy. Notably people with more Body Fat had poorer Vitamin D and Weaker bone and Muscle mass.During the Nutrition Counselling Session with a holistic approach & improved Vitamin D status we saw weight loss gave bettered body tone and bone health.

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